Using 1-800-LAWYERS in Your Marketing

Did you know that adding 1-800-LAWYERS to your marketing campaign can greatly increase your bottom line?

Did you know that having the exclusive use of 1-800-LAWYERS for your geographic area will unquestionably allow you to achieve a substantial competitive advantage over your competition?

“For twenty years I have used 1-800-LAWYERS and have never had an unsuccessful week as far as the quantity and quality of cases obtained through the use of it. In a good economy I’ve done well. In a bad economy I’ve done better.” explains Bruce Davis, Esq. New York

The branding of the 1-800-LAWYERS telephone number into a law firm’s marketing strategy has had enormous benefits to many law firms. For example, a Detroit law firm using the telephone number for more than 10 years receives an average of 3000 phone calls per month. Similarly, attorneys who use the number in the Washington DC media market receive several thousand calls per month and consider the number essential to their marketing strategy.

Frank Toral, Esq., a principal of the Lawyers Marketing Group, and a practicing attorney in Florida, says, “Tort reform is inevitably coming to the state of Florida. By initiating the use of 1-800-LAWYERS, I anticipate gaining a competitive edge in my media market. My firm will be the exclusive user of the phone number in my area, which leads us to the potential of reaching thousands of prospective clients throughout Florida. The number is reasonably priced and a proven winner.”

Call today to check the availability for leasing the exclusive rights to 1-800-LAWYERS for your geographic area. Do NOT let this opportunity pass you by.

*The following metros are not available: California, Connecticut, Georgia, Michigan, Minnesota, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, Texas, Virginia and parts of Florida.