Lease the exclusive rights to 1-800-LAWYERS or 1-800-ABOGADO for your law firm today!*

The telephone numbers 1-800-LAWYERS and 1-800-ABOGADO are available in select markets throughout the United States. This is the first time in more than twenty years that the number has been available in many key locations, and is a boon to lawyers nationwide who have realized the positive impact this number can have on an overall firm marketing strategy. One law firm in each media market can obtain the exclusive license for the number, which will ring directly into the firm’s office. Each law firm has creative control as to how the number can best be used.

Attorney Connections, Inc. actively works with interested law firms in the development of collateral marketing materials as well as media relations activities. The numbers are available in 40 U.S. states *, and interested parties should check availability by calling (800) 221-8424 or emailing

*1-800-LAWYERS has been sold out in: California, Connecticut, Georgia, Michigan,
Minnesota, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, Texas, Virginia and parts of Florida.